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Courtney Gaudet, Charlie Armour, Scott Humes

Courtney Gaudet has 5 months of internship experience, creating art for both an eBook and a mobile game separately, and also has two years of experience with customer service. She received a diploma in Video Game Art and Animation and a certificate in the Fundamentals of Art. Skilled with character design, digital art, and a determination to exceed expectations.
Hard-working and determined, with this experience she will be creating all artwork that goes into the games, as well as managing all social media outlets.


Scott Humes, who has eight years of manufacturing and production experience as well as team management experience. Scott has a diploma in Video Game Design and Development. Since then he has laid the foundations of Rabbit Hole Studios with the publishing of our first two titles “Spirit of Adventure” and “Bubba and Bella”.
With the experience gained we are excited to see the next title currently in development. He has extensive production knowledge, and proven experience leading a team.


Charlie Armour was born in London, England in 1982, and I suppose I’ve always had a passion for music. I enjoyed playing traditional instruments at school, but my interest in music composition really got started when I found out about computer music sequencing, and when I got access to a suitable machine back in the mid-1990s. The technology has changed almost beyond recognition over the years, but my love of music has remained constant. To understand music theory, and to learn more about the technical and professional aspects of music production, I attended University in Ealing, home of the famous Ealing Film Studios, and got a graduate qualification in Music Technology I’ve been lucky enough to compose music for movies, and video games since then. I like to work in a variety of styles. With each new piece, I try to remain stylistically and culturally authentic to the genre, but I always try to add whatever the secret formula of musical herbs and spices is that makes up the trademark Charlie Armour sound. I love to make music with other people, using the global reach of the internet to maintain collaborative relationships and friendships with independent music and video artists from all corners of the globe. I have been credited as producer and composer on a number of projects and gained priceless opportunities to expand my own artistic horizons in doing so. Last year and this year I received international recognition in the form of 5 music awards for best soundtrack demo, best demo song of the year, best soundtrack producer(last year and this year) and best classical song(Which was nice.) I suppose the fact that I have made it so far is something of a miracle, given my battle with Leukodystrophy, a neurological disorder which (in my case) affects the use of my legs and hands – not an ideal situation for a musician, but I don’t get distracted by little things like that. I believe that persistence is the main component of success, both in music, and in life – and I hope that my example will encourage other people to ignore their own distractions, and remain persistent in their own attempts to achieve their goals.


Screen Breaker Games is an up and coming game development studio led by Andrew MacLean and Ryan Wilson. After completing the first personal project called “Cholesterol” an arcade style game where you must tap the screen to collect food to keep your robot alive, Screen Breaker started on their first game to be published under Rabbit Hole Studios called “Pixel Bob”. Pixel Bob is a side scrolling zombie shooter where you complete levels by killing hordes of zombies and collecting weapons.