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Bit Biter is about a character (Bob) who needs to escape the zombie apocalypse by using weapons he finds to kill zombies while he makes his way through different levels. (each level will be about 5 minutes to get through fully, if you kill all zombies. If you only kill some in your way it will take about 2 minutes) Which will include the first level, getting out of his house while being attacked by zombies. The second level where he is in a neighborhood setting fighting off zombies. The third level which will be on a highway leading to the last level which will be a military base. In the end Bob will escape by finding a chopper there. To complete a level you must make it past the waves of zombies to the end of the map where there’ll be a collider that ends the level once Bob runs into it. Each level will consist of a random amount of zombies spawning at set locations throughout the map. Depending on the level you are on, the harder it will be to kill the zombies. The loss condition is if a zombie attacks you a certain amount of times your health decreases. When your health reaches 0 it’s game over.